Hi there, welcome to my website.

Who am I and why am I here?

I describe myself on Facebook as:
"A mixed bag really, highly technical yet passionately artistic, opinionated yet understanding, a walking, breathing contradiction."
Which just about describes anyone.

But why am I here?
The Title to this page says; Writer, Thinker, Artist, Poet, Blogger, Photographer, Businessman, Entrepreneur and Visionary; and that means I am here because I have something to say, and that in itself is not unusual. Everyone either has something to say or at least thinks they do, the real question is whether what I have to say actually strikes a chord with anyone. I hope so, and if it does with you then please let me know.

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About Me:

Alexander Knox in his MacFarlane Clan dress kilt.

I was born and raised in Middle Earth, quite literally!
The South Island of New Zealand is Middle Earth, and not just because most of "The Hobbit" was filmed there. On older maps, pre 20th century, the South Island was known as "The Middle Island".

Just off the coast of Canterbury, well about 470 miles away, there is an Island called the Antipodes, and it is called that because it is where you would end up if you bored a hole through the centre of the Earth from Greenwich in London.

Therefore, New Zealand is opposite Spain and the Bay of Biscay.

So, not only was I born in Middle earth I am truely a Man From Down Under. Now, nothing against the Australians, after all they make great hats (Akubras), but Australia ends up in the mid Atlantic Ocean, nearer to the Caribbean than Europe, so they really can't claim to be Down Under in terms of Europe, America maybe, but not in reference to Britain.

New Zealanders can rightly claim to be both from "Down Under" and "Antipodeans". Sorry mate.

I was christened Dennis Alexander Knox and have been known most of my life as Dennis, but when I wrote "We Are: I Am - Origins" I took the pen name Alexander Knox because I thought it sounded better, and I didn't much like Dennis anyway.

When I was growing up in Christchurch, New Zealand there was a very popular T.V. show and comic book called "Dennis The Menace" which came out a year before I was born (I don't know if that influenced my parents choice of name, but since we didn't have T.V. until many years later, I doubt it).

When the show became popular, my problem was, as a young boy, complete with unruly blond hair, whenever I was introduced to anyone I always got "Oh, you're Dennis the Menace then!  Ha Ha ha!" Like I had never heard that joke before. Aaarrgggghhh!

Not only that, Dennis means "Lover of wine", derived from the name of the Greek god of wine 'Dionysius'.
I do like wine, but its not really a name to be foundational to your character. (Be careful what you name your children, you are influencing their whole lives, for better or for worse).

Alexander though! Again from the Greek 'Alexandros', it means; Defender, Warrior, Defender of men, Helper of Mankind, Yeah! I can go with that!

Now, Knox is derived from the Gaelic "cnoc" meaning hillock or hump. Our ancestry is through the Knox's of Ballymena in Northern Ireland, who originally came from the Scottish Highlands near Loch Lomond.
The Knox's are a sept or sub clan of the MacFarlanes, and the picture above is me in my kilt, the MacFarlane dress tartan.

I was brought up British, in the British Commonwealth, under British law and the Judeao Christian ethic. I came to know Yeshuah (wrongly referred to as Jesus) as my Lord and Saviour when I was young man. This shaped my love of my heritage and gave rise to the hopes and dreams I outline below.

I have been around the sun sixty two times and am looking forward to sixty more, and still be inline skating and snowboarding. If Yeshuah does not come back before that, and either way is OK by me, I will have time to fulfil my dreams.
I would love your help if you are so inclined.

Alexander Knox

My Dreams:

The Realisation of Israel Britain

To change the entire social, political and economic direction of a nation is a massive dream, but none the less, that is my goal. I want to see the British people realise the phenomenal heritage they have as the re-gathered tribes of Israel, and enter in to the amazing abundance and prosperity that can be theirs, if they return to God and His ways.

There is a lot of development that needs to happen before this goes live. I need to build a website and purchase equipment to enable the administration, development and creation of recources, the publishing of information, books, giveaways and videos.
If you would like to help with this please click on thePayPal donations button at the bottom right of this page.

Kingdom Business

To build a network of Christian business men and women who work together to encourage and help one another in their businesses, then once they have built their business successfully to mentor, support and fund other Christians in start-up businesses. The group will function through networking events and monthly meetings, but meetings with a difference.

To put a million Christians in businesses of their own in Great Britain, all dedicated to following business principals in accordance with the Biblical model.

The Connected Church

An online method of connecting people in a church one with another, encouraging church attendance and meeting in small fellowship groups where true friendships can develop.

Causes I Support:

Human Trafficking

Image and link to anti sex trafficking site A21
To establish and fund an influential lobbying group to governments to see effective laws and law enforcement, proper, sound judgment by judges and real deterrent punishments for everyone involved in the business of human trafficking.

To support A21 in their efforts to stamp out human trafficking and rescue those enslaved by it.

Mercy Ministries

Image and link for the Exchange Foundation
Supporting Mercy Ministries in their efforts to help young women whose life has been corrupted by abuse in one way or another. To help them establish a centre in London for the restoration of these young lives.


Image and link for Mercy Ministries
Supporting Compassion through the 'financial adoption' of children in developing economies through which the whole community benefits which impacts the village, the region and the country.
My Links:

Kat Green - Artist

Kat Green artist Logo and link to Kat Green's website
My daughter Kat is an accomplished artist on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Originally from New Zealand she has developed her own unique style and technique.
Her first exhibition "im'pli" was held between 12 Nov and 3 Dec 2011.
See her website for details. www.katgreen.com.au