Who Is British?

Who Is British?

There are two distinct aspects to being British, one is blood and birth, the other is adoption.

A British person is someone who is:

  • Born in Great Britain of Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Gaelic or Norman parentage, or
  • Born in Great Britain of parents who are themselves British by adoption, or
  • A legal immigrant who adopts Britain’s ancient law, customs, language and religion as their own, including loyalty to the monarchy, and determines to make Britain his/her home for his/her family .

The first is easy to understand, but this also includes any person born outside Great Britain whose parents and grandparents are of British origin and who choose to live in Great Britain. That means most people in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA. These people usually have no problems adapting to the law, customs, language, religion and acceptance of the monarchy.

The second is also fairly easy to understand, these people’s parents or ancestors would have immigrated at some historical time, but have fully integrated into society and adopted Britain, with her laws, customs, language and religion, as their own.

The third is less easy to understand because it is this one that generates the most objections. Adoption means that the legal immigrant, the moment he/she steps across the border, leaves behind the legal system they have known, the social customs they have known, the language they have known and the religion they have known and accepts and adopts all British laws, customs, language and religion as their own.

Anyone who does not fit in to this criteria cannot call themselves British, even though they may reside here and that is what their passport may say. Anyone who wants to maintain as primary focus for their lives, their old cultural laws, customs, language, and particularly religion, is contrary to Britishness. Such people try to import part of their country of origin and tries to have British law, customs and religion adapted to their ways. They cannot help but do that. These people do not adopt Britain as their own and those in power who support the retention of foreign ways by immigrants only weakens British society.

I am not talking about harmless customs here, nor that immigrants should lose their entire heritage. Even their language should be retained, but it becomes a ‘kitchen’ language, for use at home, not their primary language of public commerce or education.

I am talking about trying to retain customs, laws and language in defiance of British laws customs and language which inevitably results in demands for changes to British laws and customs to accommodate the immigrant. Such people are not and never will be British.

So, the fundamental premise to Britishness is acceptance of British laws, customs, language, religion and to be loyal to the monarchy whether you be born of British blood or not.

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