The Challenge of Faith

The Challenge of Faith

Everyone has faith, the only thing that differs is what that faith is in.

We all know the challenge from atheists that they believe in fact, not blind faith, yet if they looked into it, they themselves are expressing their existence in terms of their faith. Not a single atheist has ever personally conducted and proved all the scientific experiments and observations themselves. They take on faith the results of the work of others and use that to create their own world view.

Believers in YHVH also take on faith that the teachings as found in the Bible are true and accurate. The Believer was not there when YHVH created the world, they were not there when Moses sat with YHVH on the mountain top, they were not there when the prophets spoke their words from on high, they were not there when Jeshuah walked the earth and rose from the dead. All that is taken on faith, but here is the challenge:

Which strand of faith is the right one?

Today we have such an abundance of knowledge available to us. A few clicks on a mouse and we are into the life’s work of great theologians , picking their brains on details of scripture where they answered questions we never even thought to ask. Talk about every wind of doctrine, it’s is a veritable gale out there!

One only needs to post an opinion on the internet and he will get a dozen likes and two dozen experts that take exception to his opinion and ‘lovingly’, (or otherwise) seek to ‘correct’ him. But who is to say the commentor is right anyway? In his own eyes he is, of course, and the more right he sees himself the more dogmatic he becomes. It is an Herculean effort of restraint to not be drawn into pointless arguments on details, but an effort that any person who wishes to put his opinion out there must take lest he join the noisy multitude.

What gets me about the people who viciously attack those whose opinions differ, is that, like the atheist, if they really examine their faith they will see that they are rowing the same boat as the atheists, the pagans, the cultists, the humanists, the catholics and a thousand other religions and lifestyles. Yet these people will gladly tell others how wrong they are and how by not doing, or believing A, B and C they are on their way to hell. How in heaven do they know? They don’t!

Having said all that I need to make a statement here that will probably draw cries of ‘hypocrite’ from the vocal majority. There are some basic essentials that followers of YHVH must have as a common basis, and anyone that does not accept these are, well…., wrong! I am not going to list them all here in some kind of statement of faith, but things like YHVH created the ‘heavens, the earth and all that in them is’, would be a good place to start. Followed immediately that Yeshua Ha-Mashiach is the only begotten Son of YHVH, who died on the tree and was buried for the forgiveness of sin and redemption of his people Israel and rose to life on the third day. Then a must have is that salvation is through faith in Yeshua alone.

There are many other elementary precepts of the faith in Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, and there are elements of faith held now, and in the past that are and were entirely wrong. You can dig into the work of many a man of faith from history and see attitudes , beliefs or elements of faith that are strange, a bit off or just plain unchristian, as we understand it today.

This is a fact of life in a created being that has the god like ability to determine his or her own place in the world and create what he or she wills. We are all wrong most of the time and never all right for even the smallest sliver of time. So, it is imprudent, unkind and even downright nasty to launch into a diatribe against someone with a contrary point of view (I am talking only about between followers of YHVH here). How do you, Mr Commentator, know where that person is in their faith? Yes you may think it wrong and yes you may propose your point of view (as I am doing here), but you have no right whatsoever to call that wrong or judge their position with YHVH. That may be patently obvious to you, and me, but I cannot judge the heart, and neither can you.

In my opinion, provided the position is not openly contrary to the basic precepts of the Bible, or the fruit of their life is not evil, then that person holds that position on Faith, and it is our challenge to accept that. I believe that when we stand before the judgement seat of Ha-Mashiach, as we all will, believer and non-believer alike, our walk with YHVH will be judged according to the understanding that we walked in and the faith we placed in the understanding.

Therefore, we should all walk the understanding we have, but be in a state of continuous learning and testing of what we believe and why, trusting that in those areas in which we are in error, that the Ruach HaKodesh will, as and when necessary, bring correction. When he does we must be open to whatever changes that new understanding may bring about in our lives.

May all Israel, Honour YHVH.
Alexander Knox.

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