We Are: I Am - Chapter One

They thought, planned.
Cognitive processes that took all time,
and no time.
Time was irrelevant in the dimension of their existence, or dimensions. For they roamed at will through the eternity that was their home, their place of being. Dimension to dimension beyond understanding, incapable of recognition, distances so vast, unable to be measured, periods of time that were beyond conception, outside of beginning and end because one was the same as the other.
To them.
Before and after held little meaning without terms of reference.
There was no before, there will be no after,
they always, simply, were, are!
Their form is indescribable, not that it was grotesque, or extraordinarily beautiful, it was simply just not describable. They did not have form that was readily recognisable, sort of ephemeral, indistinct, bright, intense, descriptive contradictions without explanation. Not that they couldn't take on some recognisable form or other and move into timed dimensions where that form would have meaning. They could, at will, but for the most part they chose not to, existing in their omnipresent state.
They looked and saw universal history, in an instant, and as the unfolding of events, like the view through a wide angle lens at the same time as a microscopic inspection, as if frame by frame as a film rolls past the viewer, both, at once. The whole of events on the grand scale, the beginning and end of stars, systems galaxies, universes, dimensions as well as the change of energy levels within an atom, quantum bursts, quarks, units of energy and matter unimaginable.
Everything was their possibility; in fact the word possible did not really exist in their vocabulary, except as a philosophical ponderability. To think a thing was possible, to contemplate it was probable, to speak it, was creative and made it manifest in whatever dimension they chose, thoughts and imaginations unimaginable. Oh yes, they also thought in concepts recognisable - understandable to those who came later, definable in terms of sound and rhythm, vocabulary, grammar and context.
To speak, in their manner, was power.
Creativity, thought out, contemplated, expounded and thrust out into the eternity of their existence, to become whatever they will, sustained by the energy of their own creativity - their words.
But lonely.
In the eternal omnipresence of their being, could they be lonely?
They knew all, understood all, conceived all, nothing was impossible, everything capable, and yet! Lonely?
Desire. They knew that.
Good, that too, as well as evil, was within their understanding. Oh, they understood evil only too well, a detailed knowledge in all its aspects. So great was their understanding, but it was a knowing not borne of participation. Evil, in any form, was an anathema to them and did not form part of their character. But understanding and knowledge of evil did not change the heart of them. Though they were without form they did have a heart, that place in the spirit where hopes, desires, dreams, wants and needs exist in all cognisant beings - existed in them too.
And they had a need, a desire, a hope.
Conversation, relationship.
They talked to each other. All the time! Disconcerting to say the least, each knew the thoughts of the other, a single mind and will. They were separate, individuals, but at once a unity. Nothing was hid from the other and as soon as one thought, all thought. Conversation was held, things discussed, possibilities imagined, ponderables pondered, but each knew the answer before the question.
The desire for true conversation, intimate relationship, surprise! Yes, that was it, there was no surprise, no exclamations of wonder, enjoyment, how could they? Everything was known to them, nothing could surprise them, unless….
Conscious will - they had that. They could turn away from a thing, an idea then back to it in mock astonishment that the idea should even have been conceived. But they knew, already, it did not satisfy. Like the parent who picked out his own birthday present and wrapped it for his child to give back to him, then exclaim in surprise, for the benefit of the child.
In the very core of their being there existed a place that was,
Understanding did not help, they knew by dispassionate introspection that this place existed and why and how. They could not, not know, such a thing was impossible for them. They even saw the answer but it was wrapped up in a conundrum. Pain. Hurt.
Love was the centre of their character. Loneliness at the heart of their being. Grief, the passage to fulfilment. Oh that they could even contemplate the possibilities of what they were about to do, had done - it was the same to them. The loneliness, the grief, the hurt, the pain, the love, the fulfilment.
Conversation, relationship.
Joy of surprise, expectation, only possible outside of their will.
To love, be loved.
A plan formulated, a purpose determined.
They would not shrink from what they purposed. To place their will outside of their own, to give away a part of them that made them what they were.

It is agreed then?
We are of one mind and purpose.
Let us start that which will be

Thought resolved into images, of what would be, has been, coalesced in their heart and mind, taking shape, colour, intensity, form.
Attributes of character, but most of all, will.
They spoke!
And it was.

It is done.
Substance, it is good.
We made it well!