If the entire universe, life and man, was God created, why did he do it? And if he did, how? This story explores possibilities in an imaginative and descriptive way.

About the Book

Is this book meant to be serious? Yes and no. If you want to read into it aspects of the meaning of life the universe and everything then please go ahead! The answer will most likely be 42*. Otherwise just call it a ‘romp through my imagination’.

Having said that though, the book is based on events as recorded in the oldest and most accurate document known to mankind, The Bible. The descriptions and order of events in this book regarding the creation can be backed up by accepted, if alternative, scientific theory.

So, I ask the question. If the world, the entire universe, life and mankind was made by God, why did he do it? This orb we inhabit is not perfect, far from it, and nor are we who inhabit it, and yet, if God be God, knowing everything before it all began, then he knew that he, a perfect and loving God, was creating imperfection, pain and suffering. Why did he do it? What was his purpose? And if he did, how? Was it millions of years or fleeting moments? Was life, on earth and in heaven, really created at the word of God?

In this fictional story questions are posed, possibilities pondered. We see a beginning, a way things might have been. Is it real or simply imagination? If imagination then it is a vision of the most delightful, and awesome, imagery the mind can conceive, and who knows, it just might have happened this way.
* see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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About the Author

Alexander Knox comes from a background of both the theoretical and practical. His early career was as a Naval Officer, where he served in the Navy as an Hydrographer, his last posting was as Commanding Officer of a survey vessel. For the last 20 years, he has been involved in the highly technical world of oil and gas exploration and development as a professional expert in disciplines covering hydrography, oceanography, geology, geophysics, geodetics, and the environment.

Include in this personal study into cosmology and earth sciences we have a person well versed in scientific principals. In 1987 he accepted the reality of Jesus Christ and the Christian world view, however, this was at odds with what he had been taught about life, the universe and the reason for being. This launched him into some intensive study of the arguments from both sides of the fence.

Add to that an artistic flare as an accomplished artist in drawing, portraits being his favourite subject, also watercolour painting and photography, as well as some ability with guitar, drums and singing.

This is his first book, however his literary talents include being a published poet. So if we bring together his scientific expertise with a sound understanding of theology and Biblical history, and the artistic talent to write imaginatively, you have a person with the material necessary to write a book such as "We Are I Am".


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